"The study of para- psychology is no simple achievement, in essence because the subject matter of parapsychology tends to evoke extreme reactions in people, either of uncritical, soft-minded gullibility in the paranormal or of unyielding, close-minded skepticism...It is necessary to set aside such narrow pre- conceptions of the subject and consciously strive for a more objective, even handed style of weighing up argument and data on both sides of an issue."

~ Caroline A. Watt
Page 2 - Introduction to Parapsychology, Irwin and Watt

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The Paranormal Research Group (PRG) formerlly known as the, "Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group"  was founded in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1999 by paranormal researcher, Jennifer Lauer.  The organizations focus was to conduct scientific investigations of ghost and haunt phenomena. In 2011, the group removed the "Southern Wisconsin" from it's name; moved it's headquarters to Red Lion, Pennsylvania and progressed from an investigation group to a strictly scientific research and informational based organization.  

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The House on the Hill - Lake Geneva, WI

Date: April 6, 2002
Location: Lake Geneva, WI
Investigators: Jennifer Lauer, Carol Beilharz
Equipment Used: 1-35mm Cameras, Gauss Meter, Non-Contact Thermal Scanner, Tape Recorder with external microphone, Digital Tape recorder, Camcorder with Night Shot
Film Speed: 800 ASA
# Rolls Taken:
2 Rolls of 24 Exposure
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
Start Time: 5:00 p.m.
End Time: 9:30 p.m.
Temperature: 72 degrees
Solar X-ray phase: Unknown
Geometric Field phase: Unknown


We were contacted through our website from the daughter of our client. We contacted the client via phone to discuss the details of the occurances that had been happening. The homeowner had claimed to have witnessed entities walking through her dinning room on several occasions. She had also claimed that fingerprints were continuously showing up on a mirror in a bathroom that was not used very often. There are only 2 people that live in this residence and both have claimed the fingerprints are not theirs. The homeowner also claims to have a very negative and draining feeling when in the house, but when she leaves, she feels better.

We were told that the man who built the house had since passed away, but at one point in time, while taking photo's of the home, the owners captured a photo that showed a face in a mirror that resembled the man who built the residence. They believe that the spirit of the home builder visits the home from time to time to check on things. These were just some of the reasons we agreed to investigate the premises.


Upon arriving at the residence, we immediately began unpacking our equipment in the living room. The atmosphere was inviting and felt like a very welcoming home. The homeowner has had an interest in the paranormal for many years and she owned her own gauss meter and Voice Activated Digital Tape Recorder.

We began the process of interviewing the witness while audio taping the entire interview. After completion we took a tour of the home with our equipment. We received absolutely no readings at all. We took several photos, but were unable to capture anything on film. The temperature in the home varied within a 4 degree ratio, but considering the time of year, we contributed it to the furnace turning on and off.

We then began video taping the bedrooms on the 2nd floor of the home. We took approximately 2 hours of video between all of the 3 different bedrooms on the 2nd floor. We DID find 3 orbs floating around in the master bedroom, but investigators came to the conclusion that they were merely dust particles in the air. Although we captured virtually nothing on audio, film or video we did understand what the owner was talking about when she claimed a feeling of being drained in the home as stated earlier. When the investigators were in the 2nd floor of the home, we all felt as though our bodies energy were being drained. We were unable to determine the cause of this, but could have simply been the fact that we had been awake all day and it was starting to get late. Perhaps we were tired, perhaps there was more to it.


Since we were unable to capture literally anything on any type of media or on our equipment, we can assume that either the house is in fact NOT haunted or that we were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. We have talked to the owner since our investigation and she claims that things have slowed down quite a bit and the draining feeling has went away for now. We told her that if it returned, to give us a call and we would consider a second investigation of the residence.

- Investigation report written by Jennifer Lauer



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Current Research

The PRG is currently working on several different Parapsychological studies involving mind-matter interactions in various locations and scenarios.  

Project #1

Accepted by the Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology.

The PRG in colaboration with
the TAR team have submitted
a project that deals with two
apparent cases of recurrent
spontaneous psychokinesis
(RSPK), and we explore a
number of theories within
this anomalous area originally
investigated by other TAR
research projects and famous
RSPK researcher Dr. William Roll.

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the Journal
Our article can be found
on page 41

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PLEASE NOTE: All information involving the projects above will remain confidential until all studies are completed.