East Side Home Haunting - Beloit, WI

Date: August 17, 2002
Location: Beloit, WI
Investigators: Jennifer Lauer, Amanda Otto, Jo Herrington, Mark Lavallee
Equipment Used: Gauss Meter, Non-Contact Thermal Scanner, Digital Tape Recorder, Camcorder with Night Shot, Tri-Field Natural EM Meter, 3 Camera Security System, Humidity/Temperature Gauge
Film Speed: N/A
# Rolls Taken: N/A
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
Start Time: 6:30 p.m.
End Time: 11:30 p.m.
Temperature: 68.9 degrees
Solar X-ray phase: M Class Flare
Geometric Field phase: Unsettled


We were contacted via our website to conduct an investigation into the activity plaguing the residence of a small 3 bedroom home located on the East side of Beloit, WI. The homeowners and their children claim to have seen the apparition of an old man in the home several times. Activity such as screaming, quick soft whispering heard inside the pillow of the wife, tapping and knocking at all hours of the day and night and being physically touched by something that is not there were cause for them to feel that they were NOT alone.


Upon arriving at the residence, we immediately began unpacking our equipment in the living room. We started our investigation by interviewing the homeowners, at this time we learned that this house has only been owned by one other couple. According to neighbors, the couple lived in this house their entire lives. The wife had M.S. which is a very painful disease and she actually died in the home. The husband has also died since, but not in the home. We learned that the current owners had often seen this old man in the Bathroom and in the Hallway.

After our interview, we set-up our 3 camera security system in different areas of the house. One in the hallway, one in the master bedroom and one in the computer room. We then began to monitor the activity from the TV in the living room. Investigators had seen two separate ocassions where they spotted movement in the master bedroom. At this time, we took out our equipment and began to take readings. We found nothing out of the ordinary on our Tri-Field Meter or our Non-Contact Thermal Scanner so we decided to set-up our Temperature/Humidity gauge in the bedroom and hope for the best. We left the gauge in the bedroom for the remainder of the evening.

We then began the process E.V.P. We took our digital tape recorder, sat around a table and asked several questions leaving approximately 20-30 seconds air time for our questions to be answered. What we got was extraordinary. During one section of the questioning process, we asked "Is there anything we can do for you?, What can we do for you" and we got back on our recording in a very soft voice, "Nothing". During the rest of the questioning, we got several "Talk Overs" which is when we are talking and another voice is talking over the top of us. We can hear the talking, but cannot determine what the voice is actually saying. The E.V.P. is currently in the process of being broken down to determine what was being said. As soon as this becomes available, we will post it on our website.

As the evening was coming to an end, we decided to check our Temperature/Humidity gauge that had been left in the master bedroom all night. This gauge has settings were we are able to determine the highest and lowest temperature reading between the time we set it up, till the time we took it down. The temperature was at 68.9 degree's when it was set in the master bedroom. When we checked it at the end of the evening it was at 68.9 degree's. We then checked to see what the lowest temperature reading was throughout the time we were there. It stated that the temperature had dropped exactly 5 degree's that evening. It showed that it went from 68.9 degree's to 63.9 degree's back up to 68.9 degree's. The atmosphere in the master bedroom had not been tampered with. It was not air conditioned in anyway and it had been closed off.


Since we were told by the resident ghost that there was "Nothing" we could do for it and we had captured a definate temperature drop in the master bedroom, we have concluded that this home is indeed haunted. We can only assume that the old man we heard and that the home owners have seen is the previous owner of the home. The screams that were heard by the wife, may have been the previous owners wife. Since M.S. is a very painful disease, we can assume that she had screamed in pain quite often and what the current homeowners heard was just that.

We have encouraged the homeowners to call us if anything else strange occurs and that we can come back and try to capture more information.

- Investigation report written by Jennifer Lauer

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