"The study of para- psychology is no simple achievement, in essence because the subject matter of parapsychology tends to evoke extreme reactions in people, either of uncritical, soft-minded gullibility in the paranormal or of unyielding, close-minded skepticism...It is necessary to set aside such narrow pre- conceptions of the subject and consciously strive for a more objective, even handed style of weighing up argument and data on both sides of an issue."

~ Caroline A. Watt
Page 2 - Introduction to Parapsychology, Irwin and Watt

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Since 1999

The Paranormal Research Group (PRG) originally started in Wisconsin in 1999 and conducted scientific investigations of ghost and haunt phenomena. Since then, we have expanded throughout the United States and have progressed from an investigation group to a strictly scientific research and informational based organization. We work to develop and share evidence using data-derived information and knowledge to advance the field of parapsychology.

Our research team, known as the Anomalous Research Department, (A.R.D.) conducts proof-oriented and process-oriented qualitative research into various paranormal and parapsychological phenomena. A.R.D. has three main goals:   1.) Conduct research based on the scientific method. 2.) Create, promote and encourage the use of research and research literature within the paranormal and parapsychological fields. 3.) Share information within and outside the paranormal and parapsychological community.

As of May 2013, we will no longer be accepting investigation requests or general membership requests. Past evidence, data, case files and investigation reports will remain available on the website. These items span 14 years of conducting field investigations and is valuable for various reasons.  They show how our group has evolved over the past decade, provides a framework for how a serious investigation is conducted, shows how to prepare a thorough investigation report and allows open information sharing, review and critique of the data. Field based investigation data can be useful in formulating testable hypotheses for future research projects.

We are very excited about this new focus on research and information sharing! Make sure you visit the website frequently as new information will be added on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions that you may have regarding any paranormal and parapsychological phenomena. 



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Current Research

The PRG is currently working on several different Parapsychological studies involving mind-matter interactions in various locations and scenarios.  

Project #1

Submitted to the Journal of Scientific Exploration for consideration.

The PRG in colaboration with
the TAR team have submitted
a project that deals with two
apparent cases of recurrent
spontaneous psychokinesis
(RSPK), and we explore a
number of theories within
this anomalous area originally
investigated by other TAR
research projects and famous
RSPK researcher Dr. William Roll.

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PLEASE NOTE: All information involving the projects above will remain confidential until all studies are completed.