"The study of para- psychology is no simple achievement, in essence because the subject matter of parapsychology tends to evoke extreme reactions in people, either of uncritical, soft-minded gullibility in the paranormal or of unyielding, close-minded skepticism...It is necessary to set aside such narrow pre- conceptions of the subject and consciously strive for a more objective, even handed style of weighing up argument and data on both sides of an issue."

~ Caroline A. Watt
Page 2 - Introduction to Parapsychology, Irwin and Watt

Welcome to the Paranormal Research Group!

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Since 1999

The Paranormal Research Group (PRG) formerlly known as the, "Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group"  was founded in Janesville, Wisconsin in 1999 by paranormal researcher, Jennifer Lauer.  The organizations focus was to conduct scientific investigations of ghost and haunt phenomena. In 2011, the group removed the "Southern Wisconsin" from it's name; moved it's headquarters to Red Lion, Pennsylvania and progressed from an investigation group to a strictly scientific research and informational based organization.  

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  • Two recent research papers that PRG collaborated on
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    ARTICLE 1 Caswell, Carniello, Tessaro, Sidorov, Dotta, Vares, Moga, Pitkanen, Millar, Bajpai, Tressoldi, Kokubo, Lake, Burns, Lehman, Baer, Rouleau, Schumacher, Juden-Kelly, Jarosek, & Ooi. (2014). Conditioning of space-time: The relationship between experimental entanglement, space-memory and consciousness. Journal of nonlocality round table series, Colloquium #4. Journal of Nonlocality 3(2), 1-54. http://journals.sfu.ca/jnonlocality/index.php/jnonlocality/issue/view/8/showToc  ABSTRACT: In response to the Vieques 2014 FQXi Conference on the Physics of Information (http://fqxi.org/conference/2014), this colloquium brings together over a dozen neuroscientists, physicists and medical researchers to provide a body of empirical data both supporting and extending the quantum information hypotheses recently advanced by Koch, Tononi and Tegmark. Specifically,…
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Current Research

The PRG is currently working on after-life studies as well as mind-matter interactions in various locations and scenarios.  

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PLEASE NOTE: All information involving the projects above will remain confidential until all studies are completed.